Intro to EME

EME101, Intro to EME is on Friday Aug. 9th. The registration fee is $50. It is a separate event from the EME Conference and will be presented at the same time as the Friday conference sessions. (Those attending the conference can attend EME101 at no extra charge). It will cover everything from gear to operating tips and techniques on all bands.   This will be a packed day of information with multiple sessions for those looking to get started on EME or those who are new to EME who have a lot of questions.   This EME101 course is a great opportunity to learn from the world experts and would be a great addition to your knowledge library to help you be successful in your future EME attempts.

Those registering for EME101 can add the Saturday banquet ($50), and the tours ($TBD). They can also elect to  upgrade to the full  Conference, including banquet ($75*) at any time].  [*Depending on availability].

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Short Course Outline
The total course is 7 hours with each session 30 min to an hour. There will be an hour for lunch and coffee breaks. We may include a visit to a working 1296MHz EME station in the afternoon as part of the course. 
1- The world of EME
An overview of EME on a very basic, low-technical level with pictures and sound clips.

2- From the Earth to the Moon and Back

What happens to signals send to the Moon.

3 – Which Bands to get started on EME?
A breakdown of activity and requirements per band.

4 – Designing and building your first EME station
What you need to get started working stations on EME.

5 – CW and Digital modes
Tips and tricks for operating digital, CW and SSB off the Moon.

6 – Troubleshooting and system optimization
Things to look for when the station isn’t working as it should.

7 – Q&A EME Panel
A Panel of experienced EMEers answer questions and interact with audience